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afford to take the kids to the hospital. good for you, man. wonderful story. that is fantastic. >> greg: banned phrase of the day. run it up the flag pole. that says i don't want any responsibility and the answer will be no. democrat is what it means. good one for the decoder. >> greg: somebody said yes, i could do what i wanted to do. >> kimberly: did you want to do it? >> greg: oh, yeah. >> eric: >> you could do a thing on corporate banned words. we are talking about smoking and how people are addicted. there is a woman in texas who is so addicted, no electronic cigarettes for her, she called 9/11 for more cigarettes and she was arrested. if you are jonessing, don't call the cops. >> kimberly: you should be fined for that.
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then you are tying up the phone lines for people who have a real emergency. >> dana: this is the first time this has happened to me. i don't have a one more thing. i thought about it. nothing spoke to me. >> bob: tell us a jasper story. >> dana: this is a seinfeld one more thing. it's about nothing. it could try a short joke to use against greg but they weren't that great. >> greg: try one. >> dana: do you get your feet in your driver's license photo? i had a dream about kimberly she got her hair done and came back and flipping it around like a clairol commercial and telling me how beautiful it looked. i was jealous. >> andrea: i had a dream about dana that took me to a rock concert and she started to sing on stage. interesting. >> bret: the president reaches out and touches republicans over the sequeste sequester. is he serious or just playing
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telephone? this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: the angst continues over the sequester. education secretary calls it the height of dysfunction in congress. the president dialed up two top republicans today to try to get the d.c. political machine functioning again. here is chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> with eight days to go, president obama placed calls today on the budget calamity to speaker boehner and senator mcconnell. mcconnell's office said it was the first time that mr. obama called him since new year's eve. white house officials faced questions will the buck stopped with the president. >> the president is commander-in-chief. he is concerned. that is why he put forward compromise proposals again and
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again. >> house majority leader eric cantor fired back the president should stop scaring the public at how meat at the grocery store will stop getting inspected and criminals will be let free by budget cuts and instead reach out to harry reid who did not get a call from the president to push him to pass one or two house republican plans to stop the sequester. cantor declaring, "house republicans have acted and time for the democrats to join us." time to get out the campaign trail and get to work. show us what spending reductions you prefer and let's find common ground. in the tit-for-tat fight, carney brought out charts on the president's plan to cut spending and turn it to republicans. >> there will be jobs on the line if the sequester takes place and the president will as he continues to do call on the republicans in congress to agree to avoid sequester. it is a wholly unnecessary
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uninflicted would on the economy if it were to take place. >> there were others like howard dean suggesting the president should let the sequester happen. to slice the pentagon's budget. dean telling the huffington post i'm in favor of the sequester. it's tough on things i care about a lot but the fact of the matter is you are not going to get another chance to cut the defense budget in the way it needs to be cut. white house officials disagree. as an outgoing defense secretary leon panetta who warned such deep cuts could leave america with a second rate military. you will remember republicans were furious before the election that the white house did not follow the warren act that requires employers to warn employees about the potential lay-offs. since furlough notices are only going out now, defense officials say they work at the pentagon until late april. even if the sequest starts on march 1. at the white house, ed henry. fox news. >> bret: the pentagon's budget chief says the effects of the cuts will be felt nationwide. he says the biggest potential
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losses will be in california, texas, georgia and virginia. national security correspondent jennifer griffin on what it could mean for one virginia community. >> sequester take effect, residents of hampton roads are worried about the contracts with the military. >> this is not like turning on a spigot. you don't turn it on and turn it off. these things are months or years in the planning stage, so if they are canceled they don't come right back. >> he has seen navy business dry up. he and mall business openers will be directly impacted by the slowdown in defense spending. 17% of virginia's defense cuts
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will come from hampton roads. >> i want to know when am i -- am i getting laid off in marm or april? if you are one of the people from paycheck to paycheck and you have no secondary plan. >> it could be devastating. i went through this in california where we took huge defense cuts. it decimateed the economy in sacramento. >> pentagon warned congress this week it will have to furlough half of the 800,000 zillian employees over the next few months. today, the deputy defense secretary warned by the end of the year two-third of all army units will not be ready to fight other wars. local virginia congressman bobby scott wants congress to cancel the sequester. >> the nation is facing a serious self-inflicted crisis to cost the economy millions of jobs across the nation and hundreds of thousands of jobs in virginia. >> phil and gene swain are retired pentagon civilian employees who retired to the hampton roads area.
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>> the military supports us intrechindirectly or directly. it supports all the businesses, the tax base. it's our lifeline. >> we have been pointing out that the government will grow. we are going in depth tonight on the impending spending reductions now as the sequester. the director of the national economic council gene sperling joined us from the white house briefing room a short time ago. it started out by asking him if anything is done now to stop sequestration from happe happening. >> we have seen the house budget committee leader, van hollen. you have seep patty murray put out.
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we need a balance approach to further reduction. we reduced the deficit over $2.5 trillion. the president made clear and made clear today that we that his offer to speaker boehner is still on the table. that would cut our deficit another $1.8 trillion, bringing the total deficit reduction to over $4 trillion. so there is a path forward. the path forward is no surprise. it's bipartisan about compromise. it will be entitlement savings and there will also be revenue savings, closing loophole it and the tax expenditures. nobody will get 100% of what they want. that is the balanced way forward to help us avoid a self-inflicted would of a sequester. >> bret: republicans obviously have issue with the $2.5 trillion you talk about. we have can go into that. we have on this show many times. the senate democrats never moved it out of committee. they control the senate
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chamber. why didn't they vote on it? >> you will see a vote coming up on you will see something to help delay it over the next year. you have already seen the elements of a short-term balanced plan. >> i want to get to a question about transfer authority. why not call for transfer sequester to move the mup around and reach $85 billion without effecting personnel and having painful decisions to affect the personnel negatively? >> nine that tells you there are easy off ramp here is not straightforward. if this sequester goes in effect in any form, $85 billion in cuts over seven pop months, 10-12% cut to defense. it's estimated that it would cost $750,000 jobs -- 750,000
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jobs -- >> what about the transfer authority? >> it doesn't change anything. there is no way you can come up with easy off-ramp that is going to prevent the fact that if you cut $# billion in harrial arbitrary way over the next year that is it going to be harmful for education for national defense. no matter how you slice it. >> what about the communities requiring most employers with 100 or more employees to protect notification. 60-day calendar day in advance of the plant closings and the massive layoffs? july of 2019, the department of labor issued a letter to a
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number of contractors. they said they didn't have to put out notifications. in september, omb put out a letter. here it is, saying that they indemnify the companys, the contractors, and said that any resulting employee compensation cost for warren act liability determined by a court, as well as attorney fees and other litigation costs irrespective outcome would qualify as allowable costs and be covered by the contracting agency if otherwise reasonable and allocable. the republicans saw that as the omb said don't send outpin slip notices ahead of the election. we don't want that notice. because the election is comin coming. now they see it as blank check for trial lawyers. if somebody gets fired without the 6 of 0-day notice, what is
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to prevent trial attorneys saying the omb or the government is going to sue? and the government is going to have to pay for it. >> bret, that is quite a lot in one step. so let me try to answer. i do believe that last year there was an understanding that the whole design of the sequester, something we would have preferred not to have taken place. we wanted to get an agreement. we would have preferred if we had enforcement to be combination of revenue and specific spending. this is what happened. everyone understood the goal was to prevent it from happening. i think the idea was that because the goal is to not go over the cliff and not have sequestration go off and they seem to be willingness op both sides there was less reason for to us be concerned that there was going to be this necessary harm. unfortunately, we have now gone through a for where those
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who control the leadership of the house of representatives are fairly explicitly telling people they will quite content to have a sequester go off. in those situations, it's much harder to suggest that there is not a real worry that you are going have this type of harm -- >> bret: i got it. but we are a -- >> -- budget office. >> bret: we are where we are. >> the independent congressional budget office saying 750,000 jobs would be lost. >> bret: i got it is. the omb saying they will pick up the tab if all the contractors are sued? >> you know what? i will let the omb general counsel answer the questions. the important thing people should understand is that we don't have to go this way. the president put out his offer to john boehner today. it had over $1 trillion in spending cuts. it was $1.8 trillion in additional deficit reduction. two-third of it is in spending cuts. he is serious about spending. we want compromise. we need to have the compromise
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from both sides. >> bret: the letter will go out. i know we got the talking points about the different points. i was asking about the warren act and the notifications. do you think this is a potential problem? notifications didn't go out before the election. >> unfortunately, bret, unfortunately, i think that at this point there is much greater concern. they were saying of course we'll work something out. you now have the republicans suggesting that the people control the leadership that they plan to let the sequester go in effect. that's not what we want that. is not our message. they're not our message. work together and have a compromise. that is not a talking point. that is specific hard choices. this president put out $400 billion in medicare savings. that is difficult to do over ten years. he would not call for that reform, difficult choices if he was not serious about reaching bipartisan compromise. we need a partner willing to
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work and compromise so we can help the economy and our fiscal path get on a stronger way forward. >> bret: i appreciate your time. if you can put a mention in to the omb general council we would love to have them on to answer the questions about the war rep acwarren act as well. >> happy to help. >> bret: thank you. now for the other perspective from the other side of the country. california's buck mccuen chairman of the house armed services joins us from los angeles. mr. chairman, thank you for being here.
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>> this boggles my mind to hear him say all of a sudden we have a problem. i don't know where they have been. the secretary of defense understood. we held five hearings over a year ago about the impact of sequestration on the military. the secretary said it would be like shooting ourselves in the head. all of the other, the chairman of the joint chiefs, everybody that testified before the committee told how devastating it would be. that was a year-and-a-half ago. we also held a hearing on the economic impact. we just learned about virginia and california, texas. the impact on the states. we knew all of that over a year ago. they had privy to this and they could see what we were talking and what we were saying. this will be devastating. now it's like gee, we didn't know it was out there.
3:17 pm
i don't know what the guys are thinking about down there. >> bret: here is what democrats point to. they point to speaker boehner and the comment he made after the deal was signed including the sequestration trigger in august 1, 2011 when he said this. "when you look at the final agreement that we came to with the white house, i got 98% of what i wanted. i'm pretty happy." how do you square all of that? >> i have heard the quote. it haven't talked to jop about that particular and what he was referring to. i know he came to our committee and promised us sequestration would not happen. >> bret: let's go beyond -- >> the committee members voted against it. >> bret: let's go beyond the who is responsible thing and go to what is happening now. go beyond this. what is happening now. are there efforts underway now to stop it?
3:18 pm
i mean it doesn't seem to be like there is any negotiation, anywhere, to prevent it from going in to place. is there? >> we have passed two bills in the house. the senate hasn't taken them up. i reintroduced my bill a couple of weeks ago when the president finally said it was okay to have a short-term fix. it introduced my bill again that would pay for sequestration for this year. by reducing the size of the federal workforce by0% through attrition. that would take place over ten years and it would ease this pain that everybody is going to feel in about a week. nobody is i guess looking at that. maybe when we get back, and they see how serious this is, and we are a few days away from it maybe they will pay attention to it. i hope we can do something to avert it. it looks to me like it will be forced on us. >> bret: what about the transfer authority? what about the passing a bill that says the pentagon and the
3:19 pm
agencies for this time could have had transfer authority to put priorities, say don't hurt the personnel but take away from conferences or weapons and not hurt people and not across the board cuts? what about that? >> personnel has been exclude excluded. the president made that decision last august. >> bret: where are the furloughs going to come? >> the army said they were already have been spending more than allotted and if the sequestration goes in full bore and the c.r. continues for the rest of the year he has to take it out of
3:20 pm
operations and maintenance. that has me most concerned. our troops are not going to be getting training they need to carry out their missions. i know they are not getting the training now than they did a year ago. in a few months it's cut back more drastically. people don't understand we cut half a billion out of defense. we are talk about additional half trillion. >> bret: what about the republicans out there, congressman, who say this is $85 billion in a $3.6 trillion budget and they'd like to see more cuts? >> i wish they would come thereon briefing and hear what we hear about china and north korea and iran. hear how we are having to make serious cuts. if we get a budget every year from the president, in february of 2010 he said we would have $610 billion to
3:21 pm
spend this year for defense. that dropped down if ssequestration goes in. that is a cut and we are down to seven months left of the year but this is a major cut. the chiefs that have made the plans that work for a year to absorb the $487 billion in cuts, another $500 billion. they changed the strategy we have had since world war ii. the chief said we will not absorb another dollar without changing the strategy. we won't be able to do what they are asking to us do. >> bret: mr. chairman we are up against a hard break. i appreciate your time tonight. thank you, sir. we'll have you back again. see what happens in the next week. still ahead are gay couples going to get a benefit that straight couples do not? a 180 on obamacare, why florida will take the mup aftemoneyafter all.
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>> bret: a big reversal for one of obamacare chief opponent. that aboutface has conservatives red faced. chief national correspondent jim angle has the story.
3:26 pm
>> republican rick scott of florida, avowed opponent of obamacare announced he will implement one part of the law. major expansion of medicaid healthcare for the poor saying there are two options. >> have floridians paid a fund, this program and other states while denying healthcare to our citizens. or using federal funding to help some of the poor states with the medicaid program. >> the obama administration counting on an expansion of medicaid to increase those who insurance made terms attractive. >> while the federal government is committed to paying $100 of the cost -- 100% of the cost i cannot deny floridaps that need access to healthcare. >> but scott's medicaid proposal to a skeptical legislature would only last three years because that's how long the federal government will pick up 100% of the cost. the governor got encouragement from the florida hospitals which must treat the poor even if they don't have insurance what is called uncompensated
3:27 pm
care. so hospitals have everything to gape. >> they presume that it was going to bring new customers, a lot of new lower income customers who will have insurance instead of being uninsured. so the state fors are feeling pressure from the hospital community to do the expansions. >> the white house welcomed the news. >> we think that decisions made by the fors across the country to move forward with implementation recognize that the benefits here for providing affordable healthcare to the citizens of their state. >> seven republican fors are now expanding medicaid, 26 state res fused to set up state exchanges so analysts say no major change of heart is underway. >> to argue that the republican governors are now kaying in to the imple mation of the law is a real stretch. >> in fact, for scott is working op avoucher system for florida's poor which he says could save money and offer better care. on expanding medicaid he
3:28 pm
emphasized this is not a white flag of surrender for government rup healthcare. >> bret: more on this with the panel. thanks. did florida for do the right thing? let me know on twitter. follow me @brettbaier. group of 15 smarts surging president obama to withdraw the nomination of chuck hagel for defense secretary. one republican who tid not sign on to the letter is alabama richard shelby who says he will vote to confirm hagel a former republican senator from the nebraska. vote is expected next week. another down day today op wall street. the dow lost 47. the s&p 500 dropped 9-1/2. the nasdaq fell 33. three british muslim extremistextremistwere convictef terrorist bombings that prosecutors said were intended to be bigger that the 2005 london transit attacks. they face life in prison. the u.s. is still not getting a lot of cooperation from the
3:29 pm
investigation of the latest terror attack against americans. tonight chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tells us how efforts to question another perp of interest in last fall libya assault are being rejected. >> while the suspect may at firsthand knowledge of the operatives who murdered four americans in benghazi on 9/11, sources tell fox news egypt denied direct access. >> i'm not clear what the basis of the denial was. they like to control the access. americans should want access as well. >> he is suspected of setting up camp at eastern libya where the recruits train to use mortars. the same indirect fire that killed former navy seal tyrone woods and glen doherty at the c.i.a. annex. in late 2011 he wrote to ayman al-zawahiri. to take advantage of the cans in libya after the revolution. to buy weapons and attract foreign fighters.
3:30 pm
>> he is clearly seeking additional support for operation going forward. a guy that is willing to take direction from him. >> he is denied access to a second suspect who was released by the tunisian authorities last month citing lack of evidence. the f.b.i. questioned him after republican senator lindsey graham intervened. during recent confirmation hearings the president pick to lead the c.i.a. deferred to the authority of foreign government when pressed on access to al harsi. >> they didn't give us access to him. we don't have information from him. >> we work with partners across the board. when they are able to detain vims according to their laws we work to see if we can have the ability to ask them questions, sometimes intrechtly and sometimes trechtly. >> asked if the state department raised "a"hmed to egypt -- >> these are questions better trechted to the f.b.i. >> neither the f.b.i. or c.i.a. would comment on the record. the egyptian embassy did not immediately response, fox news told egypt providing some
3:31 pm
information to the u.s. but from the open investigation. >> tonight congressional source confirms to fox news that the administration has agreed to a request by the senate intelligence committee to review the 750-plus e-mails related to the c.i.a. talking points on benghazi. this may be an effort by the administration to appease republicans and ease the pressure on john brennan's nomination for c.i.a. director. >> bret: thank you. bombing in headquarters near damascus killed 53 people today and most civilians. this is the third straight day of attacks in the capital. deadliest in nine months. the government blaming rebels. no claim of responsibility has been reported. no grapevine tonight. up next, new benefits special treatment for gays in the military. [ male announcer ] you like who you are... and you learned something along the way. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have.
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defense secretary leon panetta directed the defense department to immediately begin efforts to extend benefit to same-text domestic partners of military members. the parties must complete document formally declaring the partnership, outlining the commitment to each other and test they are of the same sex; meaning, these benefits will not be given to heterosexual couples who are unmarried and otherwise meet the definition of domestic partners. >> i think this does qualify as discrimination against opposite sex couples who are in theosition. unmarried but living together. >> in the own 2010 report in the repeal of the don't don't policy, the pentagon warned of this scenario. "if the department of defense has a class related for
3:37 pm
same-sex partnership they'd create a new inequity between unmarried committed same-sex couples and unmarried committed opposite sex couples. this runs counter to the military fair and equal treatment." >> this is administration is using military for social eng nearing and it's significant they are going beyond what they said they would do at the time that "don't ask, don't tell" was repealed. >> supporters of the policy directive say it's the only equitable thing to do. given that same-sex partners have few options when it comes to mayor unlike the heterosexual couples. >> as long as it isn't an option for some loving committed couple to actually get married. the department of defense is doing makes sense in trying to give those gay members of the military and the families the same benefit as other members of the military. >> the pentagon said the extension of benefits not restricted by the defense of
3:38 pm
marriage act is reasonable and fair. especially given the stresses on all military families going in to a 12th year of war. bret? >> bret: shannon, thank you. pope benedict plans to go out in style on his final day. spokesman says the pope will leave the vet can in a helicopter a week -- vatican in a helicopter a week from today. he is considering enacting a new law speeding up the process of selecting his replacement. florida's for reverses course op obama care. is this the tipping point? fox all-stars discuss that when we return. ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola. this is a supreme court decision. and the election last november made the healthcare mandate the law of the land. we will support a three-year expansion of the medicaid program under the new healthcare law. as long as the federal government meets their commitment to pay 100% of the cost during that time. it's not a white flag of sur render to government run healthcare. >> bret: republican for rick scott of florida ran commercials, $20 million against obamacare when running for governor. now, he is accepting a major expansion of medicaid in florida. and is being praised by the white house. he is one of seven republican fors accepting this administration expansion of medicaid as part of obamacare.
3:43 pm
new mexico, north dakota, michigan, ohio, nevada and now florida. so is this the tipping point here for obamacare? what does it all mean? let's bring in the panel. steve hayes for stand stand. kirsten powers for the daily beast. syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. what do you think? >> look, i think, as a matter of helpful, it's not a good idea to expand medicaid. it's basically going to blow up under obamacare. you can understand the rationale for governors wanting to accept it. i wouldn't do it but it's particularly galling for for scott who made a career opposing obamacare. he ran a private citizens group opposing obamacare and ran for governor opposing obamacare. he was elected larmly because
3:44 pm
he opposed obamacare and he said he would reject obamacare after he was elected. he led the federal lawsuits against obamacare. once the supreme court decision came down said it would be devastating to the state. terrible idea to expand medicaid. we won't do it here if florida because we are going to do the right thing. money has spoken to him. he has changed his mind. bad decision and politically cowardly. hypocritical. >> he is selling it to the legislature it will only last three years, that is the time the administration picks up 100% of the tab. he is saying he is going to put in avoucher system in florida. what is your take? >> this shows the limit of the republican position on healthcare. what is the a terptive? you say it'ser thible that he is doing it but he is providing healthcare to poor people. the problem is if he didn't
3:45 pm
take the money -- florida are paying taxes for this, federal taxes. so you reject money that people paid in to help poor people who need medicaid. so there is no alternate plan offered to provide healthcare to the people. so i think this is testify it inly, you know, shows the strength of obamacare in my mind. >> bret: point out seven states have accepted it. but 2 have not. 26 states turned it down. >> first, today medicare is looking after the poor. obamacare is expansion of it to absorb people who aren't poor but above the line as a way to essentially have national coverage. almost universal coverage. you can argue yes or no on that, but that is what is being on the. i think republican conservative, who oppose obamacare taking if it he is a governor. you can act honably either
3:46 pm
way. you can oppose it and have opposed it all the way and then say well, you lost the fight. it's the law of the land. it passed in congress and got signature of the president. who is approved by the court and when the president run for re-election against somebody who would apolish it, the president wins. that is a strong entorresment of this. however much you may not like it. the fact is that now that it exists as the person who is responsible for the waste of wef the people in your state, what do you do? it's honorable to say i will take money, because people of my state are paying in federal taxes are subsidizing people in other states. or you can argue the other way and say i still want to keep up with the fight. you know, if enough states stay out, it will collapse. i'm not sure that it's a real prospect.
3:47 pm
i don't think either position is dishonorable or cowardly. >> bret: isn't at it problem if you have major expansion and put more an more people on medicaid in your state that it's likely that the people are not coming off medicaid or at least it will be extremely painful if they do? >> that is because obamacare has passed. it's the law of the land. and the essence of obamacare is a huge expansion of the federal subsidy of healthcare including people above the poverty line. a way to go from a state that looks after a safety net of people who can't afford it to a state where everybody, everybody gets it. as in europe. that is universal. that is the essence of obamacare. it passed. kirsten, solvency of the medicaid and how doctors, how many doctors are able to take it and all that stuff. >> it is insolvent and i think it's a terrible idea and i wish it hadn't passed.
3:48 pm
>> we're not going to create poor people in florida that need healthcare. they need healthcare. there has to be some sort of solution to it. we are talking about it like it's what vacuum. there are people showing up that they are not getting reimbursed. that is why he is doing this. the state has to reimburse this or the federal government has to reimburse this. the republicans don't have a plan to deal with that. they want to pretend that they'll disappear. >> we are also not talking about how we pay for this. the federal government is $16.5 trillion in debt right now. this medicaid expansion is nothing at all to help that. and will exacerbate that problem. both for republican fors as matter of policy it's unlikely. there are alternatives. scott walker said i'm not taking this because the federal government covers this for 100% for three years, 890% after that in theory. if the federal government is broke how long is it going to cover even 90% of this? i don't think long. then there is the political matter for republicans where there is still a fight to be
3:49 pm
had on obamacare. deeply unpopular. the imple mation will be a disaster. you do not want to be seen as a party, or the individual politicians as abetting what is going to be a certain policy disaster coming up shortly. >> bret: next up, another day closer to sequester. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful?
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when i say to them there is no reason they should be furloughed. there is no reason they should lose their job or be laid off. this is a problem that congress can solve. you know, the automatic spending cuts that were put in place in 2011 were designed to get congress actually to avoid them by coming together with more sensible approaches to deficit reduction. >> bret: president obama talking to local affiliate about the sequester and eric cantor said house republicans acted and time for the president to send democrats to join us and get off the campaign trail and fete to work and show us what spending reductions you prefer and let's find some common ground." here we go again. you heard interviews in this show earlier tried to press for answers. charles, your reaction and one day closer? >> the president says it
3:54 pm
doesn't have to happen. he is right. all he has to do is say he is prepared to speak to republicans about shifting accounts. in other words, have the same amount of cuts by actually, but actually having to make choices. priorities, which is what governing is all about. that's why you have a budget. it's important and gets support. "y" is less important and it gets cut. he is saying i'm not going to do that. >> bret: as gene sperling said no off-ramps. >> yeah. >> the off-ramp at the negotiation allowing the money the move around accounts. up with thing that obama is not facing is the fact that even if all the cuts are enacted it's 1/20th of the annual deficit. it's doing absolutely nothing and still he says, it's utterly impossible. boutret: we also saw the impact in the towns and they will be felt. >> there will be huge impacts.
3:55 pm
people being laid off is a big deal. it's not good for the economy. you look at the cuts and what happened to the defense department alone what it would do to the economy in terms of the unemployment rate is serious. i don't think that anybody laid forth any kind of serious plan. the president's plan doesn't talk about entitlement spending at all and continues to load everything on the defense department. looksh i'm all for, you know, cutting where there can be cutting. but you can't constantly go to defense department and ask them to do as much as they're doing and pretend to cut them and pretend like the entire pie does not exist over here this needs to be dealt with. >> bret: steve, by the way, that warren act thing we -- the warn act thing we will follow up on that. that is a ponial problem for trial attorneys may be licking their chops. not sure. >> it seems to catch gene sperling by surprise, he didn't have a ready answer how they would handle this. it would be the perfect cota to the entire episode if it ended with the federal government paying for the lawsuits for federal workers
3:56 pm
who sued because they had been laid off in an effort to save the government money. it's almost perfect because you have ill-conceived super committee from the beginning i thought was doomed to fail. bad idea from the beginning. now we have a sequester which was a bad idea from the beginning. it would be almost the perfect poetic ending. >> good idea. this is the only chance of having any cuts of this administration between today and january 2017. >> does it happen? >> yes. >> it happens and then it is pulled back in part. >> bret: that is it for the panel. but stay tupeed for recap of vice president's biden facebook q&a. hey, our salads. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice.
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